Zorbs For Sale UK

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Zorbs For Sale UK New Zealand polymer technology polyresin material, thickness of 1.3 mm (standard plus or minus 0.03 fluctuate). Resistance high low temperature 50 degrees to considering, surface gloss with shallow blue shade lines, environmental no dissolved Chai material, sphere within no rubber material taste, by heavy for 150-200KG, sewing contact after rehejia ship dedicated glue joint, again added posted green wear article, resistance rushed motorcycle, used high grade belt supporting, internal configuration has feet sets, and parachute type security buckle, and storage real within sets. Configure the United States imported special loading pressure vent valve.
Equipped with safety belts, foot, shoulder belts PULL HANDLE ball outside handles for convenient ball, lift must not be used as moving the ball (to prevent pulling breaking ball).
When used in accordance with both hands, and feet out of the way; the entrance to toward the bottom of the sphere, the cat (bow) lumbar channeling scored inside, make sure to move easily, not violent channeling goal. Users not wearing shoes or other sharp items into the ball, preventing damage to the sphere. Ball should face down hole feet first out of the sphere of users outside, then hands the ball out. Into the sphere, good feet, and like seat belts fastened, then helped in the shoulder belts (double shoulder straps cannot be staggered fixed). His hands tightened his grip on the top left and right hand. Dang using who has firm of fixed contains ball within of when should slightly do several scroll sphere of action see using who whether adapted, party can promoted sphere downhill, ball next roll when: note roll road on both sides of security preparedness whether in place, avoid sphere bounce by occurred dangerous, injury people or sphere, should avoid sphere in scroll Shi even people with ball roll away from security area of May. In spherical raceways at the end to do buffering device to avoid collision of spheres and the end to stop a fierce anti-facilities (preferably to a slope of buffer to stop), and dangerous. Zorb ball rolling ground slope should be below 8, site requires buffering design, this product is suitable for rolling on the turf or soft surface, using the venue to avoid sharp objects (such as stones, lumps, sticks and other sharp objects), the Zorb ball rolling, please try to use positive roll, rolled left and right tilt may occur on the way, scrolling site 1.5-meter-high slope protection barrier, fence or pole soft foam wrap. Fences should be able to withstand the 300KG and the force of the impact, avoid people with trunnion rope direction is wrong and the danger of wiping contusion, the best coaches check in place, safe and secure the rear can be used. Ball State is not in use, to clean with cloth, then folded. Deposit should be 30 cm high from the ground, to avoid water vapor and methane, requesting ventilation not exposure.