zorbing balls

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Zorbing balls are divided into grass Zorb ball and water Zorb ball. Play is the same,mainly to see where is your site. 2012 Wolong‘s play has also added a snow Zorb ball,desert Zorb ball, the slope Zorb ball and so on.
Zorb ball venues are usually in the grass is relatively flat with a certain slope vegetation, slope of about 30 degrees, and when the ball from rolling down the slope when the people inside with the ball doing a 365degree rotation, you can experience weightlessness and rotating double stimulation at, quite addictive. Zorb ball and playing this kind of stimulation of the heart! World‘s longest Zorb course in New Zealand,covering more than 700 meters, the ball rolling to where it needed a full minute from the top, you can imagine under the blue sky and white cloud, a giant transparent ball on green grass on the slope in tuca, ballriding experience in the dizzy feeling is definitely exciting and fresh.
World-wide there are 3 types of Zorb ball of play: fixed, floating and walk freely.
Fixed: riding the limbs and waist, were fixed on the seat belts inside the ball, the body roll with the ball.
Floating: riding is not fixed within the ball, staff before you start one or two barrels of water goals, and depth of about 70 cm. Riding floats on the water when the ball rolls tumbling along with the ball.
Freedom walk: riding the same is not fixed within the ball, the ball rolling when people walk inside in, if the line speed with the ball, you can always keep the body upright in the ball. This is the highest one of three ways. No acrobatic Kung Fu and many times trying to experience may find it difficult to cope with.