zorbing balls for sale

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Zorbing balls for sale also known as Zorbing or Hydro Zorb (hamster ball) is made with plasticmaterial of excellent quality in commercial grade perfect for use in events and parties,specially designed for use both in water and on land or pasture.
The hydro Zorb ball does not include safety harnesses, since this Zorb tends to be usedwith water inside to roll on a slope or ramp zorb.
Excellent inflatable attraction to be used by children and young adults, providinghealthy and safe adrenaline for users.
Zorbing balls for sale is the latest extreme activity initially implemented in New Zealand and one ofthe new attractions more innovative with a rapid expansion in the world of fun andinflatable Waterpark entertainment. Consists of a sphere Zorb Ball giant with internalcushioning to make this an experience full of adrenaline. The user enters the sphere, istied in with a harness inside the zorb ball sphere, ensuring a safe, but extreme activityand then making you roll by a slope or downhill or simply on a flat surface. Zorbing canbe practiced in surface water or rigid, and this is why there are different types of ZorbBalls, such as: Hydro Zorb ball, Zorb nuclear, luminous zorb.
Zorbs (Zorb Balls) balls are completely customized to the client‘s taste.Aquatic/terrestrial Zorbs are the most popular of our portfolio of inflatable water.