Zorb ball for sale

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If you’ve always wanted to try walking on water now you can! This ingenious invention is tons of fun for friends and family. This inflatable rolling ball uses a real waterproof German TIZIP zipper (providing a better seal than others on the market) so that children and adults can run, roll and flip on the surface of the water without getting wet. You can even use the ball to play on grassy lawns or beaches. It is also a perfect tool for showcasing your products in a new and exciting way.

PVC Zorb Ball for sale is a weight of about 200 pounds of Zorb big plastic ball, zorb ball inside and outside by two balls, the inner diameter of 2 meters, 3 meters outside the ball, the ball is filled with air, inside the space used for manned. After ball design is after scientists carefully calculated unloading device, like a car shock absorber, ball injection 13 cubic meters of air. The interval between the ball and the ball about 700mm, intermediate by a pull rope connection. Tourists from the ball into the ball, through the handle, tied to the waist, etc.. Each ball can carry two people. To bind a person with a seat belt.
Are  fixed at different positions in the large shape of the posture with the zorb from the higher mountains roll down, just about 190 meters of grass slope, it can reach 30 kilometers per hour above the operating speed. On the ground, the stone, so that the zorb in the way of jumping down, and even the default “Z” – shaped path, up and down to the left to the right of the rolling.