what is zorbing

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what is zorbing?

Recently, more and more we hear before unknown word “Zorb”, “Zorbing”. What is thisunknown miracle and what to do?
Zorbing a relatively new extreme sport. The essence of it to overcome some of the pathinside a transparent sphere. That is the person (zorbonavt) placed inside a transparentsphere of two layers (Zorba) and embark on an arbitrary movement on different surfaces.
Istroiya a Zorb.
First invented by Frenchman Gilles Zorb Ebersolt in 1973. The name of his invention couldbe translated from French as “an inflatable balloonbased. (i.e., with support for the passenger) However, if the invention is not widespread and not popular. After some time,and more precisely in 1994, two New Zealanders Dwayne van der Slyuys and Andrew Ekersadvanced vypumtili device in production, don’t forget to give you the laurels of thepioneers of the new attraction. But in 2002, the International Court recognized theauthorship of the Ebersol. However, the design has been improved Zorb, which you can seenow, is that of New Zealand.
Zorbing classification depends on the type of surface you are driving Zorb.
1 zorbing (rolling from the hills) Hill this version of the attraction is a series ofchoices:
Zorbonavta participation passive when he was at the time of relapse Zorb or subjectswith straps, or not fixed.
Active participation is possible in zorbonavta peremetsenii Zorb on a horizontalsurface, and when run inside the Zorb down the Hill, which has a slight angle.
2 Hydro zorbing (Hydro-zorbing rolling from the hills of Zorba, full of water) akind of mixture of the swimming pool with hydromassage. The variant is also possible(subject) passive and active (do not use) zorbonavta participation.
3 Aqua (water) zorbing Zorb is located on the surface of the water, even though it islinked to something by insurance and to prevent the loss of control over it. Zorbonavtanyone can use or do not use, and perform various actions within the sphere.
4 zorbing snow (rolling on the ice and the snowcovered hills) have the same options asin the usual Hill zorbing
5 zorbing Aero (Zorbing inside aerotruby)an opportunity to obtain a mixture of feelingsof the free fall (as a paratrooper), and fall into the area of turbulence.

Zorbing a new entertainment and extreme, but the desire of people to raise the level ofadrenaline in the blood makes it more popular.