human hamster ball

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Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball Single Entrance for Zorbing and Walking on Water . A human sphere is a giant inflatable ball that is big enough for a person to fit inside. The clear inflatable ball is made of TPU. They are heat-sealed, airtight, and extremely durable. Once inside, you can walk or run to roll the ball forward. Think of it as a giant hamster ball, where the person inside is the hamster. Now this may not seem all that exciting, but throw in another sphere and perhaps some obstacles and you have got yourself a race. Re-enact scenes from the popular television game show, “American Gladiators,” and embrace your competitive spirit. If you want to get fancy, you can set up cones that you must race around, or small ramps that you must race over. Once you have your race course set up, players get inside the spheres and they inflate in 35 seconds. Players then use their hands and feet to move the ball and rotate it forward from the inside. Once you get the ball rolling, you can build up speed and start running as you race against your opponent.


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