go zorbing with your friends

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What is Zorbing Ball?Go Zorbing With Your Friends and your family!
Zorbing ball is a new activity in Spain. It is the first to discover this animation.
The zorb, what is this strange machine?
The Zorbing is the name of a new activity outdoors making a mess of your hair, is not that the manner of speaking, will be real.
For the short description, this is a great bubble of plastic (PVC), which containsanother bubble of the same material, with the great interieur. The boulle measuring 3.5 min diameter.
A passage in the form of tunnel can enter into the PlatiZorb, and the passenger orpassengers, because two handles that are above the shoulders can be and is fixed with abelt. In this way participants harnessed can get a grass slope at any speed and discoverunique sensations.
Passengers (or) of Zorb Ball also the possibility of not attached the Zorb and so do themovements that want to either running as long as possible without falling, jump, Youcan also put a water for a refreshing activity level!
go zorbing
Some examples and possibilities:This area is always an event and provides amazing solutions!From the top of a hill and landed in a pond! (race, etc…).Make a flat earth a race or a relay.Make a route (race) or one can imagine that it crosses a pond or ponds, etcIdeal for the formation of teams on the beach.We can use these areas for battles.Depending on the site, other possibilities are imaginable!

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